Nimbl: Cash Delivery From Mobile, Human ATMs

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are pretty darn convenient as it stands. They eliminate the need for people to have a face-to-face conversation with another human being. And, they appear in places where there isn't even a traditional financial institution, which was a pretty innovative business plan in its time. But, cash convenience can be improved upon; if it comes to you.

A new financial services business called Nimbl has created the world's first ATM that delivers.  Actually, they've created many, if you want to get specific because their platform is presented in the form of a mobile app. That means that your phone becomes the ATM, and even has a recognizable interface. 

Of course, this service has not yet been introduced to all of the US states since it is in its startup phase, but Nimbl will go anywhere for people in New York and San Francisco. So don't go getting too excited yet everyone else!  But for those in their service regions, you simply install the app, request your cash, and then wait for it to arrive.

The Nimbl app tracks your location via your phone's GPS, and submits your request for their runners in the area to respond to. You're provided with an ETA for your cash so you can choose to decline the transaction if say, your money won't appear fast enough to pay for your bar tab so you want to call the whole thing off. If you decide to go through with it, you simply accept the timeline and a runner that's had a comprehensive background check done will come drop off the cash right in your hand. With this system, Nimbl hopes more consumers will be interested in shopping at cash-only businesses.

When a transaction is processed it's done via Venmo. When you're withdrawing money you simply make a payment to Nimbl using this method for the withdrawal amount plus their fee. A $5 surcharge is applied to every transaction (although the company offers the first couple for free), and theypromise that you don't need to worry about the security of your cash since runners are vetted. 

Nimbl just went through Beta testing, and plans to turn the concept into a functional business in the near future. Would you trust a business like Nimbl to bring your cash to you?

Via: TechCrunch