Nimble Cargo Scooters Make Local Shopping More Fun

The California-made Nimble Cargo Scooter is a practical, fun alternative to shopping by bicycle. These sturdy, safe and simply-made scooters are ideal for local pick-ups, especially when bringing home large or unwieldy items like watermelons or cases of beer. 

Designed by a small, focused team of industrial designers, craftsmen, and creative entrepreneurs based in Tustin, CA, the Nimble Cargo Scooter isn't out to replace the bicycle. The fact is, however, that bicycles are better for touring than for shopping: even the biggest baskets never seem to be big enough, and all that top-heavy weight can create a serious safety hazard.

By lowering the center of gravity and enlarging the cargo box, the 57”-long Nimble Cargo scooter is a grocery-getter first and foremost... and at the same time, it's fun to ride! The designers have gone all out to ensure their product is well-made, durable and reliable as well.

Top-quality components include industrial non-marking Colson wheels, a 3-D computer aided design aircraft-grade aluminum frame, T6 high tensile strength aluminum front forks and a 3mm thick industrial food grade HD polyethylene plastic cargo box.

The company has established a strong online presence intended to update customers on new developments (an electric Nimble Cargo Scooter is in the works, for example) and provide “tips and tricks” users can apply to their own real-world experiences.

Currently, Nimble Cargo Scooters are available in a choice of three cargo box colors: Pacific Blue, Sunset Orange, and Coffee & Cream. Priced at $299 each, a Nimble Cargo Scooter will pay for itself in mere months if used once or twice a week instead of your car for neighborhood shopping trips.