Nine Inch Nails Pounds Out Score For 'The Social Network' Movie

While Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails, often described as an "American industrial rock project" was thinking of stepping out of the limelight in 2009, he's been in hot demand for various projects - the most noteworthy of which is to score David Fincher's much-acclaimed new movie about our favorite social network.

In his own words, Reznor talks about his collaboration with long-time musical associate Atticus Ross and how he was attracted to The Social Network, a movie he describes as "dark" and "fucking good."

Trent ReznorTrent ReznorThe movie's first trailer released in June, labeled Mark Zuckerberg a "punk, genius, prophet and traitor." It will be interesting to see how Reznor and Ross set the mood for this character study and if they tap into any of the 'pop music' of Zuckerberg's early Harvard days. Here is a sampling of Reznor's work in collaboration with director David Fincher, back in 2005, long before Facebook was even on blip on the online landscape.

According to Brenna Ehrlich's Mashable report, she noted the suitability of Fincher selecting Reznor and NIN for the project. "Reznor seems a rather fitting candidate to score the film — he’s had a rather intimate (if not embattled) relationship with the web for years now. From raising money via Twitter, to quitting Twitter and joining again … to being blocked from the Apple App Store, to winning a Webby, there aren’t that many digital realms that Reznor hasn’t explored," she notes.

In an MTV critique, it was reported that while Reznor has contributed songs to soundtracks Jesse Eisenberg & Justin TimberlakeJesse Eisenberg & Justin Timberlakebefore, including David Lynch's "Lost Highway," this is the first time he's committed to recording an entire soundtrack. The Social Network tracks the rise of Facebook, from its inception in 2004 on the Harvard University campus, and stars Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake.

Reznor says the movie's associated album which could be one disc or two, will be available several weeks before the movie's release on October 1.

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