Ninebot One: Cross Between A Unicycle And Electric Scooter

Ninebot OneNinebot One

Personal transportation devices are becoming more and more popular. Commuters and people living in urban areas want transportation that is efficient and logistically easy. Ninebot One is one such device that makes commuting and getting around a city easier. 

This little device is essentially a self-balancing, one-wheeled electric scooter. It's easy to get around with the Ninebot One and even easier to carry it along with you or stow it when you've reached your destination--just fold in the foot pedals, pop up the handle and you're all set. 

Ninebot One: Futuristic ScooterNinebot One: Futuristic Scooter

Ninebot One isn't as fast as a traditional scooter, but it is certainly faster than walking and just as fast as biking. This little device can travel up to 14 mph, and can get you places up to 22 miles away on a single charge of its lithium battery (the battery usually takes about 1-2 hours to fully charge).

Since it's battery powered, the Ninebot One is also a great option for environmentally conscious people. It features a 16 inch ultra-thin, powerful brushless motor with Ninebot sine wave frequency conversion technology. The motor also powers Ninebot's instrument dashboard and lights. 

One-Wheel ScooterOne-Wheel Scooter

Ninebot One also employs an intelligent safety alarm system. If you're speeding, over-leaning, are low on battery power or have an internal malfunction the alarm, a combination of a buzzer, blinking lights and vibration, will sound to alert you. 

There is also an app that comes with this transportation gadget. The Ninedroid App will function as the vehicle's dashboard. It will also let you control and customize lighting effects and allow you to connect with the Ninebot community. 

Check out the Ninebot One in action in the video below.

The Ninebot One is also compatible with popular accessories, like bike headlights and laser lamps. With all of these features, plus the obvious benefits--no worries about traffic or parking--the Ninebot One may be a city-dweller's transportation dream. You can check out Amazon today to order your own.

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