Ninjabread Men Infiltrate The Holiday Season


While catchy, few people have “Kung Fu Fighting” on their list of favorite holiday tunes.  If you or someone you love lives and breathes covert missions or martial arts though, then Ninjabread Men cookie cutters by Fred and Friends are just the holiday kitchen gadget you need.



The cookies created by these unique cutters are definitely not for the traditionalist, but if you are looking to shake things up this year then these could really liven up the goodie table.  The set comes with three different cutters, each in its own action pose and the resulting cookies look great arranged on a plate, creating an intense fight scene. 

I’m not so sure that these little guys would look right with the classic candy button decorations.  They may call for a bit more imagination in the embellishment department.  You could also just serve them in their gritty, basic form.  Icing is probably a little too sweet for these tough guys anyways.  Just keep your eyes on them or they will be sure to sneak off into someone’s belly.    

Source: Fred and Friends

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Nov 29, 2010
by Anonymous

Ninja Bread men

I just got some of these. Being a martial artist and a cheapskate, I'm making Christmas ornaments.

Nov 29, 2010
by Kim Patterson

Great idea!

I love it!