Innovative New Ninjapin Push Pin Fills Its Own Holes

Ninjapin gives the humble push pin a much-needed makeover. Your walls (and your landlords) will thank you!

With Ninjapin (from AssistOn), Japan's ever-creative industrial designers have succeeded in improving the proverbial mousetrap, if not reinventing it. This time it's the humble push pin, known to one and all as a handy dandy sticker upper for photos, posters and anything with a loop.

Unfortunately, landlords get thrown for a loop when they give your rental apartment a final inspection and find more holes than a wheel of swiss cheese (so THAT's where I put it!).

Since renters are responsible for damage caused to their temporary abodes, dozens or hundreds of holes - tiny though they may be - could cost you big time.



Not so with the Ninjapin. Someone, somehow figured out that if the point of the pin is angled a certain way, a small clod of material is retracted when the pin is pulled out of the wall. With the hole filled to at least some degree, your walls will look pristine and your superintendent (or spouse) won't "pin" the damages on you.


You can order Ninjapins in your choice of brown, blue, green and clear colors and the acrylic plastic & stainless steel pins come in packs of 15. Get 'em at Rinkya Stores, a very cool online resource for neat Japanese things with an easy to use English format or from Amazon here.

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