Nintendo Amusement Park: The Dream Business That Will Become A Reality

No matter what generation you're from, you've probably spent your fare share of time with a Nintendo game, and you've probably always wondered what it feels like to stomp on the head of a Goomba or bounce off the top of an oversized mushroom. Well, dream about it no more, because soon this will become a reality!

Mario Theme ParkMario Theme Park

The Nintendo Amusement Park is currently in "beta" mode in New York City (that term is used loosely, since this is a live experience and not one that's limited to a virtual, computer environment) and they're looking for people to come walk in the shoes of Mario or Luigi for a real life Nintendo experience. They intend to use a technology referred to as Physically Augmented Reality which give visitors an amusement style ride experience that they can actually control.

Nintendo Amusement ParkNintendo Amusement Park

Those interested in giving the concept a whirl can visit the business' testing locations, however, the full project is pending sponsorship and funding. In concept, a Nintendo Amusement Park sounds like a world of fun; but will it happen, and if it does stand up to all the hype?

Via: TrendHunter