Nintendo DSi LL Supersizes Your Screen, Picks Your Pocket

Bigger screen! More portability! Bigger screen! More porta - ok, we hear ya... actually, so does Nintendo and though the upcoming DSi LL gaming console may not be any more portable, it DOES boast a bigger viewing screen.

According to Sync, "The DSi LL is slightly thicker than the 18.9mm DSi at 21.2mm, but still thinner than the 21.5mm DS Lite. With the obvious height and width changes brings a pair of 4.2? screens (compared to the 3.25? and 3.0? for DSi and DS Lite respectively.)"



It's not a huge size increase and it'll cost 20,000 yen (about $220) when it first hits Japanese store shelves on November 21, but for DSi fans who've been clamoring for something bigger if not necessarily better), the DSi LL just might do the trick.

Shoppers can choose from dark brown, wine red or natural white case colors and as for battery life (always a concern with portables), Nintendo sez you'll still get 13 to 17 hours with the display on the lowest settings - that should cover most road trips or several consecutive boring lectures.

Another bonus is that the console will ship with three pre-installed titles: two from the Brain Training series plus the DS Easy Dictionary. Ain't that a treat!

On the downside, gamers hoping to score a DSi LL in time for Christmas are going to feel scrooged. The export version, dubbed the DSi XL, won't make an appearance until the first quarter of 2010, long after Santa's hightailed it back to the North Pole.

If you still think a slightly larger screen and long-lived battery are worth shelling out $220 for a whole new console, well, tell it to the Easter Bunny. (via Sync and Gamespy)

Dec 24, 2009
by Anonymous

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