Nintendo Files a Patent for a Wii Football

A lot of commentors around the blogosphere are knocking this one, but I think it'd be all kinds of fun. Nintendo has filed for a patent for a Wii football device. The device is designed to hold your Wii-Mote and give you the true touch, feel and control of an NFL quarterback--or probably more accurately of the eight-year-old Pee Wee league quarterback that you move like.


The device is a soft touch football with a strap that should prevent a heated game from ruining your television, window or valuables. The ball would register throwing power, angle and direction so that you can physically make the game-winning touchdown. It would even monitor body movements so that you could run around and dodge oncoming tacklers. 

Of course, the news is just that a patent was filed, so we may never actually get to try one. Given that there's a Wii bowling ball and all kinds of other similar devices, it's not that much of a stretch to imagine they'll actually release it.

Despite the naysayers, I think it'd be a lot of fun. It'd be even better if there was an accompanying defensive device so that you'd have an excuse to blindside your buddy and sack him to the ground. Maybe they'll add that before sending it to market. 

What do you think--an unecessary gadget that will ruin your house, or a fun accessory for games like Madden? 

Via: Crunch Gear 

Aug 27, 2009
by Anonymous


That's...a peripheral?

No offense but it looks kind of hard to use, and bulky too.

Why not just retool the Wii Remote's controls to fully function better for a specific football game? It'd be a lot better than using what's patented there, in my own honest opinion.

Just a thought though, I mean who knows it could turn out to be fun, but just from looking at it...I dunno.

Aug 28, 2009
by Anonymous


I assume it's using motion plus? The diagram somewhat looks like it wouldn't be.