Nintendo Isn't Kidding With The 'Baby And Me For Wii' Doll Controller

"Bring your baby to life with your Wii remote"... and with that, let the creepiness begin! "Baby and Me for Wii", set for release this December in Australia, is the latest and perhaps the strangest application yet for Nintendo's popular Wii game console.

Included in the package are a life-size (though not especially lifelike) baby doll that features a snap-in port for a Wii controller, along with a pink Wii remote holster just in case you have your own doll, dog, cat or consenting adult you'd rather play house with.

According to Nintendo, users can play any one of ten Baby Mode games (such as feeding the baby, and putting the baby to bed) plus eight Play Mode games like rattle, catch, clap and balloons.

What does robo-baby doll think of this? She/he/it responds by giggling, gurgling and/or crying through the Wii remote. No puking or pooping seem to be involved, which one must admit is a blessing though at the expense of realism. Just wait, kiddies, you'll get your turn soon enough!

Last and not least, Nintendo's "Baby and Me for Wii" offers something called Balance Board Support, allowing you to rock-a-bye your baby. Dixie melody optional. (via Crunchgear and NPR)