Nintendo Purse: Geekiest Purse For The Fashion Loving Gamer

Purses can be functional, they can be fashionable, but they very rarely come pre-packed with fun. At least I thought so, until I came across the video gamer's dream purse!

This incredible fashion innovation, created by Jeri Ellsworth, might not be available for sale yet, but it gives hope for the geeky gamer that fashion and interactive fun really can collide. This retro fashion item includes built in chips, created by the designer that contain data from both a Nintendo Entertainment System and a Commodore-64. The LED screen attached to the outside of the purse, offers a unique type of fashion that doubles as entertainment, since it allows fashion lovers on the go to play their favorite retro video games. And lets not forget the NES controllers which further enhance the accessory both systematically and in style.

Via: engadget