Nintendo Wants To Help Your Family With Dinner

There is a new cooking product on the market and it is not made by any of the typical kitchen gadget companies.  In fact, you would probably never expect this brand to dive into the kitchen, but they did.  Who is it?  Nintendo – that’s right, the same gaming company that provides hours of entertainment to teenagers (and some adults too).  They have just launched “America’s Test Kitchen: Let’s Get Cooking” to appeal to a whole new demographic.

The program is made for the Nintendo DS.  Users can select from 300 rigorously tested recipes that have been created for typical family meals.  It is designed to get all of the family members involved in the cooking process.  The specifics for each family member can be entered so that age-appropriate kitchen tasks can be assigned (no meat cleaver for the pre-schooler).  Even cooking novices can find benefit in this program as it includes side notes and instructional videos on techniques and specific cooking terms.

All participating family members have the option of giving their creation a score so that it is easier to pick out favorites in the future.  Recipes can also conveniently be sorted to find ones that include items you have on hand, how many calories you are willing to consume and cooking ability.  Sounds like it could be a fun program as long as you could get your hands on the Nintendo for long enough to make a meal.

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