Nissan Leaf Absorbs UV Light By Day, Glows In The Dark At Night!

Nissan is testing an innovative new luminescent paint on their Leaf EV that's powered by nothing more than sunlight. The durable, organic Starpath coating absorbs UV radiation from sunlight, allowing the car's paint to glow for up to ten hours after sundown.

Starpath was developed by inventor Hamish Scott, owner of Pro-Teq Surfacing in Surrey, UK. Originally intended to be a luminous, anti-slip and environmentally-friendly paving material (the “path” in Starpath), Scott worked with Cambridge City Council to test Starpath in real-world applications. In October of 2013, Starpath was installed over an historic inner city pathway, thus negating the need for powered street lighting.

Now Scott has adapted Starpath for an alternate application: automotive paint. The coating's active ingredient is Strontium Aluminate, a very rare natural earth compound that is solid, odorless and chemically/biologically inert in its purified form.

By incorporating the compound into auto paint and sealing it against the elements (while still allowing the passage of ultraviolet light), Nissan believes the resulting glow-in-the-dark paint can last for up to 25 years... much longer than the majority of car-owners keep their vehicles. Check out this video of Nissan's UV-energized paint in action!

At press time, production plans for the luminous paint have not been announced as it's presumed other issues need to be addressed including color choices – not everybody wants an ice-blue car, even one that glows in the dark. (via 3Yen, AutoExpress, and Inhabitat)