Nissan Advanced Dual Injector System to Boost Power and Reduce Fuel Consumption

Dual injector systems have been around for quite some time now and in their time have given us some impressive gains as far as power and efficiency are concerned. However, smaller displacement engines make using these systems more difficult due to higher injection pressures and less available space. Nissan has developed a new injector system that they claim will not suffer from these issues and still be able to provide a boost in efficiency.

The basis for the new technology is to use two injectors per cylinder, as opposed to only one, which leads to a reduction in fuel pressure. This reduction in pressure means the distribution of fuel into the combustion chamber can be better controlled and provide better vaporization.

At the point of ignition, the amount of fuel in the cylinder is not nearly as important as the available surface area of fuel to ignite. Nissan claims the new system will reduce the size of fuel droplets by 60%, which should mean a respectable increase in surface area. More surface area means a faster, more efficient burn, as well as less tailpipe emissions.

The new system will also take up less overall space than a traditional high-pressure direct injection system.

Nissan has also included a valve timing control system on the exhaust side of things that will be able to further optimize for heat efficiency and reduce losses from the fuel pump. The overall gain from the new system is estimated at about 4%.

Nissan is planning on introducing the new technology in some of the 2010 model year vehicles.

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