Nissan Connect to Bring Infotainment to Entry Level Vehicles

It comes as no surprise that most of the high end infotainment systems are reserved for the luxury branded vehicles on the road. While this was all well and good in the past few years, Nissan has decided it is time to let them trickle down to more than just the luxury market. "How far down?" you ask, far enough that some high-school students will be bragging about their in-car technology.

The system is called Nissan Connect and although it isn't the top of the line kind of system you would find in $60,000 Infinity, it should be more than enough to appease the buyers in the small car market. The heart of the new infotainment system is a large touch screen that provides access to all the features.

Blue tooth connectivity is standard, as is a single disk CD player that supports MP3 and WMA music files. A satellite navigation system is also build in and ca display information in either 2D or 3D depending on the preferences of the driver. iPod connectivity is also supported through either an auxiliary jack on the front of the system, or a USB port located next to it. The iPod can be controlled by using the touch screen system of the iPod itself.

Nissan Connect will be available on both the Note and the Micra Tekna, neither of which will be coming to North America. If and when the systems will also trickle down to the small vehicles available in the states has yet to be officially announced.

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