Nissan Designs "Aging Suit" to Help Develop More Comfortable Interiors

Nissan has been working hard over the past years to make their interiors as functional and straight forward as possible to both young and old alike. While many companies would prefer surveys and the like, Nissan has taken a slightly more technical approach to making interiors as comfortable and accessible to the older generation. Designers have actually developed an "aging suit" to mimic the challenges and difficulties that aging drivers often have to face.

Nissan's Best Usability Interior Stage-2Nissan's Best Usability Interior Stage-2

According to Nissan, technology such as this will help them design interiors that almost anyone can get into and know exactly where everything is and how to use it. It helps the engineering team answer questions such as "How do we understand which knob does what and how it's supposed to work?" "Where do we expect to find it?" "How does the experience make people feel?"

Answering these questions will aid Nissan in creating interiors that offer everyone inside both comfort and complete functionality. From the information gathered, Nissan was able to put together the Prototype for their Best Usability Interior Stage-2 (BUI-2). Every interior component, right down to the steering wheel, was designed for maximum comfort and usability.

Nissan Using Aging Suit to Develop Easily Accessable VehiclesNissan Using Aging Suit to Develop Easily Accessable Vehicles

It will be interesting to see what kind of information technology such as the "aging suit" brings about, and how it reflects on the interior design of Nissan's future products.

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Mar 16, 2009
by Anonymous

old people

im sorry i dont get why they are making cars MORE friendly for old people when they shouldnt be driving ANYWAY!!! nissan would be better off investing the money they spent on this developing a "bubble" car that when old people run into you they just simply bounce off in a general direction. although this would cause them to get all turned around because of alsheimers... lol im just personally tired of getting hit my mrs. depends dipers in her GIANT fucking cadillac that destroys anything but a tank!