Nissan Develops Crash Avoidance System by Studying Fish

Crash avoidance systems have been at the top of nearly every automaker's list when it comes to research and development, and for good reason. In an interesting press released, Nissan has revealed what could be the next generation of these systems, and the unique idea that led the engineers to it.

The new system has been named "Safety Shield" and uses a pair of laser range finders to navigate without colliding with anyone or anything. Currently, the Safety Shield is mounted on miniature robots called Eporo, which travel less than 1mph. By placing the lasers at certain points on the front of the robot, Nissan is able to offer a 288 degree field of view.

Even though the system is far from being adapted for use on vehicles, proving the technology is feasible is a major step in the right direction. Several Eporo robots can be placed on the floor and allowed to move about freely. The system will constantly monitor the location of the adjacent robots and maneuver to maintain a safe distance from them.

Nissan has said the system could be developed further for use on full size vehicles in highway conditions and they plan on looking at it in the future.