Nissan Drops Launch Control and Warranty Issues

A few months back, owners of the Nissan GT-R were up in arms about how using launch control would void their factory warranty. Many claimed it was unfair for Nissan to use launch control for performance testing, and then post the numbers as official, mostly because to reach those numbers you would have no more warranty. Nissan responded to this by removing launch control from the GT-R completely for 2010.

While this may seem like a bad idea on the part on Nissan, the GT-R is still blisteringly fast, reaching 60mph in 3.9 seconds without launch control engaged. That figure is more than enough to keep it in the same group of performance cars it was originally put into. Plus, is will do this without risking a $20,000 transmission repair bill on top of the $70,000 you already spent for the supercar.

Nissan has made sure to tell everyone that the decision is still "unofficial," but with all the problems they have been dealing with, it seems like a pretty safe bet that it will no longer be included in the GT-R package. Interestingly enough, this will make the 2009 GT-R even more sought after, being the first production year and the only ones equipped with launch control. The Motor Trend Car of the Year Award won't hurt either.

Nissan is expected to make the decision official within a few weeks.

Motor Trend