Nissan Effis Getting Closer to Production

Nissan has been very actively researching alternative fuel vehicles for the past few years. One of the promising areas is known as Fuel Cells Vehicles (FCV) and a new concept vehicle called the Effis may be on the road using Nissan's fuel cell technology very soon.

The Effis, like most new alternative fuel vehicles, the Effis is small. It measures only 3 meters in length, 1.6 meters wide and 1.5 meter tall. Even for such small measurements, it can still easily fit 4 adults. The interior can also be reconfigured, depending on the needs, to hold more cargo.

All the body panels and interior components are made of very lightweight materials. By keeping the weight low, the Lithium-Ion battery will have a longer range. Even though the Effis is considered a city commuter car, it should still be able to make slightly longer trips when needed.

The Effis was introduced a few years ago, but as more technology becomes available and new ways of doing things are found, the Effis is looking more and more like a production car rather than a concept. We'll stay ahead of it, whatever the outcome may be.

From : ConceptCarz