Nissan GTR Gets Aftermarket Turbo Upgrade....Finally

Ever since Nissan unleashed the GTR on the world, tuners have been trying to push the limits on the all wheel drive beast. While there have been a few minor improvements, no huge leaps have been made until just recently when an American company released a turbo upgrade promising some huge power figures.

South Side Performance based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota has released a brand new upgrade kit for the R35 GTR that, according to their testing, makes 820 horsepower at the crankshaft. The good news is that it requires only a single line to be replaced on the entire vehicle.

The kit is based around a more efficient kind of turbo, manufactured by Garrett, that produces more boost at lower RPM's by spooling up faster. The result is being able to run a lower boost pressure while also making more power.

The cost of the kit is $6,499, which includes all the necessary machine work and installation. The cost does however require a trade in of the old turbo setup. The system takes about a week to completely install and is safe up to 32PSI.

Motor Authority