Nissan Introduces Next Generation of CVT Transmissions

Nissan has been a proponent of the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for quite some time. They have spent substantial amounts of time and money on developing CVTs that are more efficient and provide a better overall driving experience. This is why it comes as no surprise that the next generation CVT has been unveiled by the Japan based country and they are promising a lighter, more efficient gearbox that will still offer an exciting driving experience.

The new CVT was a joint effort between Nissan and their primary transmission supplier, JATCO Limited. The transmission will feature an innovative new design that will combine a traditional belt driven assembly along with a supplementary gearbox. The addition of the gearbox will allow for higher gear ratios that would normally be unusable.

The new configuration will allow for a gear ratio of 7.3 : 1, up from the previous 6.0 : 1, which will in turn improve overall fuel economy. The new CVT will also be about 10% shorter than the outgoing model and weight roughly 13% less. Aside from the bump in miles per gallon, the new gearing will allow for quicker acceleration as well as a more sporty feeling behind the wheel.

The team has also included a new Adaptive Shift Control (ASC) System that will automatically adjust the gearing to best fit the needs of the driver. The system will be most noticeable during initial acceleration and when driving up or down a hill.

You can expect to see the new CVTs in Nissan's compact vehicles in the near future.

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