Nissan Land Glider Drives Like Jet and Leans Like a Motorcycle

The Tokyo Motor Show is looking more and more like the focus will be put on the zero emissions scene, rather than the hybrid realm. Not to be outdone, Nissan is also planning on bringing out their latest all electric city scrambler, aptly named the Land Glider.

The Land Glider will act as a small city car, with seating room for two. The driver sits directly in front of the passenger and controls the new vehicle with a pair of joysticks that have been fashioned into a steering wheel. Everything is fly-by-wire, so no mechanical connection is required.

One look at the outside of the Land Glider and it becomes apparent than the wheel wells are up to more than just hiding the tires. Nissan has actually engineered the new city car to lean into corners, much like a motorcycle. This will not only provide increased stability while turning, but also conserve energy. This is vital to all electric vehicles as their only limitation is the range provided by the batteries.

No word on how likely it is we will see the Land Glider enter production.

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Oct 21, 2009
by Anonymous

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