Nissan Personal Mobility Device Looks Like Deathtrap


These awkward motorized roller blade-stilts are a new vision in personal mobility created by Nissan and the National Advanced Institute of Science and Technology . A pretty poor vision. How exactly they improve upon walking has yet to be determined, but what is more than clear is that they present challenges and hazards to the user like few other mobility devices not named unicycle or jet-powered Big Wheel. Even the Yike Bike looks intuitive compared to this disaster. 

The device is designed to be used in multiple configurations. When the two individual feet are combined together, one can maneuver much as if shussing on skis, leaning weight from one side to the other and carving down the street. When separated, one lifts each foot independently and walks around on wheeled stilts. Sounds promising. 

On the plus side, we can already see a flurry of YouTube videos in which people perform inadvertent acrobatics as their legs slide in various directions. Somehow, there is just bound to be a parking meter or sign post placed perfectly for a tear-inducing crotch shot.

Luckily for those that might be close to someone lazy (and geeky) enough to consider giving these a whirl, it doesn't seem like they'll be available anytime soon. That's one less hazard to have to worry about on city sidewalks. 

Via: Gizmodo