Nissan Raises The Curtain On “The Dark Night Rises” Juke Nismo

Why so serious, Nissan? The Japanese automaker's “The Dark Knight Rises” Juke Nismo is here to make a statement and it does so with the subtlety of a bat... swung by Miguel Cabrera.

Based on the peppy Juke Nismo due out in early 2013, the cumbersomely named styling exercise builds on the swoopy Nismo body kit with a host of Batman-centric add-ons added to impress fans of the Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight film trilogy.

Given its blessing by both Nissan and Warner Bros., and whipped up by London-based Nissan Design Europe, the vehicle sports chromed Bat emblems front, rear and on the kickplates with reflective Bat badges on the interior headrests.

One especially neat set of features are the unique downlights mounted beneath the exterior mirrors that allow Batm, er, the driver to project the Bat Signal onto both the passing pavement and the car's deep black headliner.

Under the “The Dark Knight Rises” Juke Nismo's smooth black matte paint job and trendy shark fin antenna, sport suspension updates and 18-inch wheels with red highlights help keep the rubber on the road.

The same 1.6-liter, MR16DDT turbo four that powers the stock Juke Nismo is used here, though extra tuning bumps the power rating up to an even 200hp. The front wheel drive mini-crossover also offers a six-speed manual transmission – c'mon, would The Goddamn Batman drive an automatic?

OK, Bruce Wayne might not be up for the Nissan “The Dark Knight Rises” Juke Nismo but how about you?

If the answer's yes, don't expect to drive one away from your local Nissan dealer: this black beauty's only available to the winner of a special competition running until February 28th of 2013. If you win, you'll be advised in early March... no joke, and no Joker. (via Autoevolution)