Nissan Sporty, Electric Vehicle Concept


The Nissan Leaf launched late last year, becoming the first mass-produced electric vehicle on the market. While Nissan works to get all its initial orders filled, it's also looking toward the future. The company will present a new electric vehicle concept at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Called the Esflow, the car is designed to show that electric vehicle's are not only clean and practical, but are also capable of offering sporty, dynamic driving. Or as Nissan refers to it: "remain[ing] environmentally sympathetic without having to give up the joy of driving." 

The Esflow features two electric motors and a lithium-ion battery pack based on the same technology as the battery in the Leaf. While Nissan didn't detail the specs of the motors, it did indicate that they are both mounted over the rear axle and provide up to nearly 150 miles of driving per charge. Each motor powers one of the rear wheels, so torque is optimized to provide the best stability and handling. 

The Esflow is built on an all-aluminum chassis and features a composite body. That lightweight construction enables the motors to power the car to 62 mph in under 5 seconds. 

The car shows off its green cred with a glacier-inspired paint and light scheme. The theme continues inside, where icy blue meets gold in the leather and suede seats and accents. The seats are fastened directly to the rear of the cabin, saving weight on framework. Since the seats do not move, the steering wheel and pedals move electrically. The concept also uses a rear-view camera system in place of mirrors. 

Nissan will present the Esflow at the Geneva Motor Show, which gets started on March 1. 

Via: World Car Fans