Nissan Wins Design Contest with V2G Concept at LA Auto Show

With the Los Angeles Auto Show in full swing, many are wondering what the future of automobiles will be. Will we be zipping around in our ultra-modern hover cars, or will it be something a bit more similar to what we have now? Well, according to Nissan, it will be a little bit of both.

The Nissan V2G concept car is this year's winning entry in the LA Auto Show Design Challenge. For 2009, the theme was "Youthmobile 2030." The designers were asked to create a vehicle that would appeal to the next generation of drivers. The same generation that would be raised on cellular phones, high speed internet, and limitless electronic gizmos. The design was required to be innovative, yet practical and environmentally friendly.

Nissan elected to run with the idea that in 2030 we will come to rely on even more technological wizardry than we already do. After packing as many communications and data processing goodies into the V2G as they would, Nissan began working on the exterior. By keeping the body streamlined and as light as possible, the company could use nearly any powerplant available to get the concept moving.

The judges, which included several design professionals from a broad range of disciplines, gave the number one spot to the V2G thanks to its ability integrate technologies and adapt to the changing demands of young consumers.

Is this a glimpse into the future of our beloved automobiles? Only time will tell.

Design Boom
Feb 24, 2010
by Anonymous

Boring design

These cars are not appealing at all. They are totally boring to me.