Nissin's Big Cheese Meat Cup Noodle Gives Cheeseburgers Stiff Competition

Thinking outside the bun just got bigger, meatier and cheesier! The 468-calorie, 104 gram (before rehydrating) Big Cheese Meat Cup Noodle combines seasoned American pork, cheese, crisp red bell peppers, cabbage and onions with classic curly noodles and a rich soy sauce flavored soup. Cheeseburger in a cup? Coming right up!

Nissin rolled out this latest addition to their Cup Noodle line on November 28th priced at 190 yen (about $2.45) per cup.

While not really a match for the true cheeseburgers offered up by McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King, Mos Burger and other Japanese fast food restaurants, Nissin's Big Cheese Meat Cup Noodle can sit patiently in your pantry for days, weeks, even months before you're ready for it.

Now granted, the thought of melted cheese in and on your instant ramen may sound strange but Nissin knows their stuff, having made & marketed Cup Noodle in a myriad of flavors for 40-odd years.

What IS strange is the bizarre superhero character Nissin created to be the “face” of the product. It makes the Cheeseheads at Lambeau Field look normal... or might just give Green Bay fans a little extra inspiration.

Big Cheese Meat Cup Noodle is only sold in Japan, which is a pity as Wisconsin winters can get a wee bit chilly and a steaming cup of “cheeseburger ramen” or two would go down really well at a Packers pre-game tailgate party. (via Gigazine, Nissin Foods, and  

Dec 8, 2011
by Anonymous

Not sold in the U.S.?!!

What a tease. :/

Dec 18, 2011
by Anonymous

'yea I got all this stuff

'yea I got all this stuff from the old cup o pizza place when they went out of business'

Japan is now ripping off Steve Martin