Nissin's Hamburger Instant Ramen Is Two Fave Fast Foods In One Cup

Product planners at Japan's Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. thought they'd beef up boring old instant ramen by floating a hamburger on top. The result is GooTa “Demi-hamburg-men”, a clever combo sure to satisfy fast-foodies who want it all and want it now... or, like, in 5 minutes. 

Nissin's GooTa line of instant cup ramens may cost a bit more than their standard offerings (237 yen or about $2.40) but give the originators of the cup ramen concept their due: paying more gets you more.

The premium vibe of GooTa Demi-hamburg-men derives from “demi”; short for the demi-glace sauce used to tart up bunless hamburger steak in Japan. Sure enough, the dehydrated burger resting atop similarly dried noodles inside a cup of GooTa Demi-hamburg-men is liberally blanketed in demi-glace sauce.

Let's not let the burger steal all the glory, by the way. Once rehydrated with boiling water, the noodles swim in a savory tomato-flavored broth accompanied by green beans, corn, and chopped red bell peppers.

Now that your mouth's watering in anticipation, keep in mind Nissin will be conducting a national product roll-out on Tuesday, May 7th of 2013. Buy 'em individually or by the 12-cup case. (via Akihabara News and