Nissin's 'Hybrid Ramen' Fuses Fried & Unfried Noodles

Nissin Foods, Japan's instant ramen powerhouse, has found a solution to noodle-slurpers' most trying conundrum: should ramen noodles be fried or unfried? Actually it's more of a compromise, as Nissin's hard-working ramen engineers have created the world's first Hybrid Ramen!

According to Nissin's official press release, Hybrid Ramen features “proudly thick” noodles that are fried on the outside and non-fried on the inside. If the concept seems difficult to grasp, consider Taco Bell's line of tacos and burritos combining soft and crunchy taco shells. If it works for Da Bell, why not in your ramen?

Nissin explains that manufacturing Hybrid Ramen is a complex endeavor involving a three-tier process that finishes up with mist air drying. The finished noodles are then packaged in Nissin's familiar styrofoam cook-in containers along with dehydrated pork, vegetables and seafood.

Flavorings designed to evoke a classic Chinese pork, seafood and soy sauce taste are the finishing touch – actually, YOU provide the big finish when you add hot water and restore the ramen to its original glory.

The result is a noodle that, when rehydrated, provides the classic mouth-feel and aroma of fried noodles while tantalizing one's taste buds with an appealing thick chewy texture beloved by fans of unfried noodles. Yummy!

At least, that's what Nissin's saying. We won't know for certain how the company's Hybrid Ramen tastes until it hits Japanese store shelves on Monday, October 3rd of 2011. “Fire up the Prius, honey, I'm off to score some Hybrid Ramen!”

Feb 16, 2012
by Anonymous


I ate yr noodles just 5 mins ago but it is not anything like u advertising.