Nitro Rail Is The World's First Dragster Bike

Nitro RailNitro Rail

In the market for a novelty bike? Want to get noticed as you cruise down the boardwalk? The Nitro Rail may just be the bike for you. The equivalent of a "pimped out" car, the Nitro Rail is the world's first dragster-style street bike.

The Nitro Rail behaves just like a normal bike, and it has incredible hill climbing power with no sacrifice to top end speed. However, it has something a normal bike doesn't have--flair. Check out the video below.

Nitro Rail features a 68 inch wheel base on the back wheel, as well as stainless steel polished drag link with TIG welded rod ends and race car HEIM joints. What all of this means is that you get no-play steering control. 

You can also get accessories from the makers of the Nitro Rail, Bohata Custom. They offer a Bell Child Seat for the youngsters who can't yet ride their own bike and a Dudester Pet Carrier for the four-legged members of the family. 

Nitro Rail's Big TireNitro Rail's Big Tire

Bohata Customs also makes a Micro Rail for the kidos. This bike is basically a scaled down version of the Nitro Rail, so you can get those for the kids and Nitro Rails for the adults, and the whole family can cruise on these bikes with swag. 

Now don't expect that these flashy rides are cheap. If you want the flair, you're going to have to pay for it. The Nitro Rail will run you about a grand and the Micro Rail comes in at around $400. However, if you're that family that stands out, these bikes may be just what you need. 

For more technical specs and ordering information check out the Nitro Rail website