Njoin: The New Social Video Game Console

Njoin promises to be an "ultra-portable video game system" that has the capability of running applications while allowing two or more users to interact with one another while maintaining the same quality of gaming if only one person was playing. It's a project that's currently being undertaken by Projecte ID so it remains a concept for now, albeit a very interesting one. I say interesting because the developers give a long list of features that would make Njoin something to look forward to once it's ready for release.

The concept behind Njoin is heavily centered on its social platform potential. The developers are building it by integrating new methods of connecting and structuring software and hardware that will make sharing, learning, collaborating, and interacting with other people via Njoin easy, hassle-free, and enjoyable at the same time.

Another thing that Projecte ID is tinkering with is how to make the console so that the combination of characteristics they will be placing into the device will not put any limitations on its usage as a video console, Palmtop, or PDA.

Some technical aspects released about the Njoin state that it is 5% less voluminous and 147% smaller than the biggest selling portable video game console currently on the market. It also boasts that its screen is about 59% bigger. Functionality wise, the developers say that their concept is much more superior as it is capable of 32 different usage modes, including the one for 2 players and the one for 3 players or more.

Here are some more features that the developers are aiming to integrate into Njoin:

  • Have sufficient potential to be used with hundreds of different gaming accessories
  • Can incorporate accessories without having to use cables or increase the volume or size of the console
  • Allow two players to simultaneously have visual and acoustic privacy as they play
  • Overcome any language barriers such that language will not be a limiting factor in its usage
  • Can adapt the viewing area according to the user's requirements
  • Have the capability to exclusively play games and content that other platforms cannot
  • Have the capacity to emulate games that are intended for other platforms on the market

You can check out the video below which can give you a better idea on the look of Njoin:

This video will show you the different operating modes that the new gaming console will be capable of:

What do you think? Does Projecte ID's Njoin sound like a good idea to you?

Sources: Projecte ID; Yanko Design