Innovative High Tech Bra Has A Secret: It Connects To Victoria’s Heart Rate Monitor

The wearable technology revolution has transformed the way we dress as well as they way we think, but along this dynamic path, little underwear is strewn. It is odd in a way because underwear is universal; something everyone wears every day of their lives (or at least we can hope so). Every now and then a sports bra for men or  socks that tell you when you need to wash them may find their way into our novlety wardrobes, but plain or fancy, frilly or conventional, the voice of high tech underwear demands to be heard.


Victoria Secret's  Incredible Bra: Source: Crunchwear.comVictoria Secret's Incredible Bra: Source:


Victoria's Secret and the Wearable Tech Revolution

The lingerie giant has always featured sexy, fetching unmentionables, but now the-powers -that-be have dared to step out of their frilly satin box. With no high-tech gadgets or gizmos to call their own, Victoria's Secret has taken up arms against a sea of high-tech wearables and proudly stands as a contender for innovative, geeky fashion albeit always underneath the clothes.

The Incredible High-Tech Bra

Victoria's Secret has just unveiled the Incredible Sports Bra, which is embedded with built-in sensors that measure the wearer's heart rate and other vital signs without anyone knowing excpet the woman wearing the bra. It is all done via electrodes, those little critters that have graduated from rendering Frankenstein the ability to walk and pillage and terrify villagers to being helpful by attaching to a heart monitor.


Vicoria Secret's Incredible Bra: Source: DailyDot.comVicoria Secret's Incredible Bra: Source:


The Incredible Bra  looks like almost every other generic sports bra on the market today, which  believe it or not, is actually an advantage. This is because the majority of wearable tech garments are considered unattractive and clunky and not at all like real clothing. In addition, the bra is similar in appearance to other sports bras presented by Victoria's Secret over the course  of the last few years. Available in pink and slate gray (known as "Hello Lovely" and "Black Mari" in catalogue parlance), the bra also features built-in padding to keep your girls always looking their perky best.

Other considerations

There is, alas, a fly in the proverbial ointment, as this sports bra only comes with the connections for a monitor. You will have to buy your own. Some also argue that the bra performs exactly as an iPhone, albeit more costly. While the sports bra itself is nothing new in the world of high tech wearables, it is significant that Victoria's Secret has moved from ultra sexy and quite expensive into high tech and high savvy. This is much more an indication of the magnitiude of the wearable tech marketplace.

The future of the Incredible Bra

Now the modern woman can choose underwear that allows her to be both very sexy and very high-tech. This sports bra is the perfect gift for the women runners in your circle of friends and family.


 Vicoria Secret's Incredible Bra- Gray: Source: Victoria's Secret.comVicoria Secret's Incredible Bra- Gray: Source: Victoria's


Closing thoughts about bras:

I was the first woman to burn my bra- it took the fire department four days to put it out. ~ Dolly Parton

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