No-Boredom Toy For Cats: Cat Amazing Interactive Puzzle & Treat Maze


Nothing gives a cat lover more pleasure than watching his cat at play.  The domesticated cat is always energized by toys that mimic the hunt, and toys that provide that challenge are likely to keep your cat's interest, such as a cat's interest is, longer.  Cat Amazing not only keeps your cat's interest, but you don't need to operate it for him; it's interactive!


Cat AmazingCat Amazing


And the more cats at play, the merrier!


Cats can play Cat Amazing together or aloneCats can play Cat Amazing together or alone


Cat Amazing is, fundamentally, a cardboard box (the ultimate cat material!), with variously-shaped openings through which you can place treats or little toys that your cat loves.  But that's not all....

On the inside of the Cat Amazing cardboard box is a maze, and when your cat reaches for the toy or treat you've put into the box, it moves around the maze, making it more difficult for your cat to obtain the little beast.

This cat started playing Cat Amazing as a youngster and is still playing six months later!



Seriously, how many cat toys can even be refreshed in six months?

Also, the difficulty of the Cat Amazing toy is graduated.  It has three levels of play - beginner, intermediate, and top-cat - plus another level for the expert cat that comes explained for cat owners on the instruction card.


Cat Amazing has 3 levels of difficultyCat Amazing has 3 levels of difficulty


The folks at Cat Amazing recommend that when you give Cat Amazing as a gift - it makes a great gift, especially for a cat - you 1) assemble it first; 2) save the card (it's got that advanced level secret on it, plus a place to leave a gift message from you to the cat; and 3) insert treats before you gift it!

You might even have more fun with Cat Amazing as your cat!


That's the buzz for today!


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