Dyson Has A Cleaner And Clearly Better Humidifier - Dyson Humidifier Review

Want a humidifier that is truly safe for you to use? One that you don't have to clean everyday?

The innovators at Dyson have done it again. They have taken one of the key limitations of a common household appliance and with lots of hard work and a bit of genius, have designed a better machine.  After spending over $60 million to design and test their product, the team at Dyson has launched the new Dyson Humidifier

As you know, a portable humidifier is a small appliance that adds moisture to the air in your home.  There are several categories of humidifiers available currently and they have different methods for dispersing water molecules into the air. So what's special about Dyson's Humidifier?

Dyson has several hundred patents issued and pending on the technology around their humidifier. The team at Dyson has worked on optimizing almost all of the features you would want in a great humidifier.

Dyson was generous in providing a sample of their new humidifier for us to review.  Here's what I liked about the Dyson Humidifier and what I did not like:

Dyson Humidifier Kills Germs

One of the  key innovations of the Dyson is  its Ultraviolet Cleanse™ technology.  Unlike most other humidifiers currently available that can harbor and spread bacteria, the water in the Dyson humidifier is exposed to ultraviolet light twice, effectively killing almost all of the bacteria in the water you use in your machine. I'm told by the team at Dyson that their UV technology kills mold and fungi as well, but they did not focus their testing on that.

Living in the desert, for me a humidifier is essential. I have one in almost every room in my house. Did you know that without adequate moisture in your home, you can get sick?  Breathing dry household air can exacerbate breathing problems for allergy sufferers. It can also cause your  whole body (including skin, lips, hair and even your eyeballs) to get too dry and create micro-cracks on your body's surface layers that increase the body’s susceptibility to viruses and bacteria.

So if one of the primary reasons for using a humidifier is to keep you and your loved ones healthy, making sure that your humidifier does not grow and disperse germs is absolutely critical. With Dyson's UV technology, you eliminate the risk of spreading germs whereas with most other humidifiers you don't.

Less Cleaning Needed With Dyson Humidifier

Having a good humidifier can make your home more comfortable. But to keep a humidifier working properly and safely in your home or office, you need to keep the machine clean.

As I mentioned earlier, without effective and continuous cleaning of your humidifier, you can spread all the bacteria, mold and fungi growing in your humidifier water tank into the air you breathe. With Dyson's UV technology, you pretty much eliminate the requirement for daily cleaning of your humidifier. 

So without the constant worry of spreading things that can make you sick, you can wipe down your humidifier once a week and do a more thorough cleaning once a month. That's right,  with the Dyson, you can go from cleaning you machine almost everyday to cleaning your machine once a month!

I figure if you spend 10 minutes a day cleaning your humidifier, by buying the Dyson Humidifier, you will save roughly 3600 minutes a year or over 60 hours of your life cleaning every year!  For me, that extra  work week or so of drudgery avoided is well worth the investment in something that will make my home more comfortable and everyone in it healthier. 

Of course, you still need to keep the Dyson clean and the recommendation is to lightly clean your machine weekly and deep cleaning monthly to keep it running efficiently. But maintaining a humidifier so that it runs well is a very different burden than having to clean it daily so that you keep it from becoming a danger in your home.(Like you can skip it when you're feeling lazy.)  I absolutely love the fact  I don't have to clean my machine all the time. For me, it is a compelling benefit that improves my life in a noticeable and meaningful way.

Dyson Is Powerful And Efficient

 When I started up the Dyson, I was not expecting it to be so efficient at putting moisture into the air. At the highest 70% moisture setting, the Dyson was able to disperse almost a gallon of water into my room in just a few hours. 

I usually have the humidifier for the bedroom turned on all day and night in order to have enough moisture in my bedroom to sleep comfortably. If I didn't, I'd notice as I would wake up with parched lips and really dry eyes.  With the Dyson, I can set the remote controlled timer for a few hours before going to bed and then it automatically turns itself off before I went to sleep.  I loved the silence of not having the humidifier running all night plus I'm sure I saved a few pennies on my electricity bill by not having to run a machine all the time.

Dyson recommends you set the moisture level and let the machine  control the humidity in the room. It has the ability to test and monitor the moisture level in a room and only turn on the humidifier as needed. But I really liked just turning it on and off when I wanted the blast of moisture before bed.

Dyson Disburses Moisture Better

The Dyson Humidifier has technology to evenly disburse humidity into a room.   Many humidifiers just spurt out moisture into a small area right near the humidifier and they don’t distribute humidified air evenly throughout the room.   The Dyson breaks the water down into microscopic particles, which are drawn up through their loop amplifier and it is projected  into the air through the air with the Air Multiplier™ technology. So basically, rather than creating a damp circle around the machine like most humidifiers, the Dyson pretty much shoots moisture out into the air. It is pretty cool to watch the cloud of moisture that comes out of the machine and float away. 

To test it, after running my Dyson for a few hours, I went and touched the floor surrounding the Dyson to check if there any patches of dampness around the machine. Happily, I found none. I've had some humidifiers that literally created small puddles around them. The Dyson does not do that.  You can safely use the Dyson without having to put a towel underneath it. I really like that I don't have to put the humidifier on a high table or stool in order to protect my floors from getting too damp. I also don't need to make sure that the moist air falling out of my humidifier has room to fall and get disbursed around the room and not drip to the floor.  I tested it a few times and you can definitely leave your Dyson on the floor and know that the moisture will be in the air and not on your carpet or wood floor.

Dyson Can Be Used As A Fan Alone

It's a great feature that the Dyson can be used as a fan and not as a humidifier. It is an excellent fan and great to have that flexibility for times when I just want cool air. If it had a heater built it, it'd have everything!

Water Tank Is Large But Should Be Larger

I like that the Dyson water tank is pretty large. The tank holds enough water for 18 hours. I found that for the way I used the machine, the tank was good for three days or three nights before needing refilling. A minor annoyance was that  the tank holds less than a gallon of water.  I wish it could hold a full gallon so I did not have leftover water to manage when using gallons bottles of distilled water to fill my tank.

Water Filling Hole Is Too Small

I found the hole for filling the water tank too small. It works well when I tested it with a kitchen faucet but for a bathroom faucet, with the size of the tank and the location and smallness of the hole, it was impossible for me to fill the water tank in my bathroom sink. I normally use bottled distilled water. When I filled it with the gallon bottled water jug, I had to be very precise in filling the tank to avoid spilling water.  I ultimately got a funnel to help me fill the tank quickly without spilling but it would have been nice if the water hole was larger or it had a built in funnel of sorts to help guide water into the tank without spills.

Dyson Is Quiet But It Gurgles

Dyson has created a machine that is very quiet by focusing on improved airway paths and an aerodynamic diffuser.  The machine is rated as one of the quietest machines in its category by independent reviewers. But when I first used the machine, it made a gurgling sound when the humidifier was running. In a quiet bedroom, the noise seemed loud.  Thankfully, the gurgling noise became a lot less obvious after a few times running the machine.  I am told by Dyson that with more use, the gurgling noise should go away completely.

The Dyson Is Good Looking

Almost every humidifier on the market is ugly with only a few exceptions.  The Dyson Humidifier is sleek and modern looking. When I had a guest visit, my friend immediately noticed and commented on how cool my new humidifier looked. But personally , I don't want anyone noticing my humidifier.  Although the footprint of it is similar to other humidifiers that I have, it is almost twice as tall as all the other ones in my home. So it is not a machine you can discreetly place in a room and have no one notice it. And since it's styling is so distinctive, it won't complement some decor like farmhouse country or shabby chic.   It is an attractive machine but ideally, I would love a machine that better blends discreetly into my home. But I guess a big good looking machine is better than a small ugly one?


Overall, I was very favorably impressed by the Dyson Humidifier.

The fact that I don't need to worry about spreading germs around my home with the Dyson Humidifier is enough to make me want to purchase additional ones for all the other rooms in the house. But when you add in the additional conveniences and features that the machine offers, it is a clearly better humidifier than any other on the market that I have tried.

The biggest problem with the Dyson is it's price.  It's suggested retail price is $499. That's a lot to spend on a humidifier especially when you would like to have one in more than one room in your house. But as with other Dyson products, the Dyson Humidifier is packed with thoughtful features and conveniences that few can match.  In weighing the benefits of the having a humidifier that won't make you sick and having a humidifier that will give you back many hours of your life by requiring no daily cleaning, plus the timer and monitors,  I think the case for buying a Dyson Humidifier is quite compelling.

Frankly, I almost regret trying out the Dyson Humidifier for this review. Now that I know how much better it is than my other humidifiers, I really can't continue using my old ones. So now, I'm faced with the challenge of figuring out how I am going to get the money to buy many more. 

Oh my wishlist now is a Rooma like humidifer that can goes around adding humidity to every room in the house so you only need one machine.

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