No More Tangled Headphones With The Cord Cruncher

Cord Cruncher GreenCord Cruncher Green

At least three times a week, I pull out my headphones from my gym bag and have to sort out the tangled mess that they've become, and then I think, "Why are headphones such a headache?" The people at CordCruncher, at one point, thought the same thing, and so invented the CordCruncher Headphones. These headphones utilize CordCruncher's Cord Management System to eliminate tangles. 

Cord CruncherCord Cruncher

The Cord Management System is just an elastic sleeve that allows you to "crunch" the cord to the headphones. With the elastic sleeve, the cord is retracted and folded inside during storage and extended during use. You can also customize the length of your CordCruncher. 

This design is exclusive to the CordCruncher headphones, and unfortunately the elastic sleeve can't be used with the headphones you already own. However, the CordCruncher headphones start at $25, which isn't bad. Hypothetically, you could be looking to pay that much for a system that works with your own headphones. 

This is a product that may seem like one of those "do I really need it" things. I mean you could just be diligent about rolling up the cord on the headphones you already own. However, if you're in the market for headphones it makes sense to get some that won't tangle, especially if they're going to cost the same as those that do tangle. You can find out more about the CordCruncher on their site

Apr 27, 2014
by Anonymous

Need a version that fits

Need a version that fits other headphones. Looks like a great idea, but I'm not prepare to sacrifice sound quality