No Regrets: Get A Two Week Tattoo

There are many people out there who think about getting a tattoo, but they still are hesitant on taking the plunge.

Getting inked is really a lifelong commitment: your design is there for good.

Sure, for those who have a tattoo, or many for that matter, and who want to say “bye-bye-tat” there is the laser tattoo removal process, but this is painful and can also be very expensive.

However, two brothers who hail from Toronto, ON, Canada, have come up with a brilliant invention that is going to change the body art world forever.

Braden and Tyler Handley have developed inkbox, which is a fruit-based tattoo that lasts only two weeks.

Get A Real Tattoo Without The Commitment

The duo has over 300 designs which you can choose from.

The application process is easy.

You just take the small square package and peel off the back. Then you place your inkbox design wherever you want it to appear on your skin. A towelette is provided and you run it under water for about three seconds. You then place the towelette over the black inkbox square for about 10 minutes (firm pressure is required). After this you just remove the stencil and within a matter of hours – between 12 and 24 hours - your tattoo will magically appear.

The inkbox has four layers: stencil design; organic formula; protective layer; and, a fastening layer. The organic formula comes from a popular fruit that is found in Panama, Genipa Americana.

“It (inkbox) actually switches the chromophores in your skin to reflect black light so the tattoo actually becomes your skin, your epidermis, the top layer of your skin until your skin naturally regenerates after roughly two weeks,” says Tyler.

Be Cool. Get Inkbox.

So, will there be lots of people getting inked with inkbox? Of course, having a tattoo, or multiple tattoos, for a couple of weeks could turn out to be a big fad among people of all ages. 

People will enjoy the fact that they can have a tattoo without any regrets as inkbox is temporary art and of course not permanent.

“We soon realized that it’s for everybody, all ages, everyone wants it,” says Braden. “Everyone wants a tattoo – they just don’t really know it yet.”

As well, this new invention is very cheap, so this is an added bonus. One inkbox will cost you $19.00 (USD). Custom designs start at $47.00.

Is there any uproar from the tattoo world with this new product? Yes, its inventors are getting some criticism, but they are okay with it.

“They just think that there’s something really amazing about the permanency of tattoos and we don’t necessarily disagree with that and we can’t replicate the full gamut of tattoo art so we’re okay with people disliking it,” says Tyler.

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