No Solar Panels Required With SunPort

No panels? No problem.

Paul Droege, an inventor from Albuquerque, NM, has developed SunPort, and this certainly isn’t your typical solar powered device. In fact it’s a first-of-its-kind on many levels.

As Droege puts it: SunPort “does not have solar panels and it won’t save you money… But it could help save us from our addiction to non-renewable energy.” 

“Instead of making solar energy, SunPort makes real solar accessible and affordable so anyone can use it.”

Okay, so how exactly do you get solar power without owning any panels?

Droege has found way. You just need to seek out people who own solar panels and then utilize their natural form of energy. But technology takes care of all the legwork for you. It's all rather simple.

SunPort: Meet The New Solar Power Movement

The device is a small-smart-adapter that you plug into any outlet in your home. Once it is plugged in it then automatically identifies how much actual electricity you use from that outlet. It comes in a variety of colors: yellow, pink, blue and green.

The electricity you use is measured through the SunPort app that is direclty connected via the Internet of Things (lot) technology. Sunjoules - as they are nicknamed - are the microcredits that SunPort obtains for you via the non-profit organization called

“SunPort solar-powers anything you plug in because it measures the electricity you take from any wall outlet and automatically upgrades it to solar using certified solar credits. No panels required,” explains Droege.

“These solar credits, officially called Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (S-RECs), are created every time real solar is produced from real panels and delivered to the electric power grid,” adds Droege. “They actually offer the only way to use solar without going off the grid. That’s why S-RECs were invented—to let anyone access solar power and help grow the solar energy market.”

Plug In. Use Solar.

Installing solar panels can be a costly. Solar panels can cost anywhere from $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 (USD).

However SunPort only costs $49.00 – now that’s a bargain.

And it gets even better. You only need to spend $1-$2 each month to obtain solar power with SunPort. So for between $10.00 and $20.00 a year you can have one outlet powered up with solar energy. Yes, that’s smart technology

“It’s important to understand that SunPort is not affiliated with your power company, nor will it affect your home energy bill,” says Droege. “It simply measures the grid electricity you take from any wall outlet (at home or away) and upgrades it to solar using a ready supply of solar credits managed through the cloud… SunPort Lets you choose and use solar energy. So it won’t save you money on your energy bill, but it could help save the planet.

And you can even use SunPort when you are out. You can take your adapter to work, the airport, the library and the local coffee shop. Just plug it and solar power is delivered to you instantly.

So, will homeowners feel energized over this new invention? Of course – people now are beginning to adapt to utilizing cleaner energy as its far better for the environment.

There are all sorts of unique inventions coming out that offer cleaner sources of energy and also fuel. SunPort is unique and distinct in its own right and if anything this device will only promote the use of solar energy and its benefits for the planet.

So stay tuned: SunPort will soon be coming to an electrical plug near you.