No Child Left Behind By The Republic Of Tea!

Everything you always wanted to know about tea's benefits to your health can be found at the Republic of Tea website, even links to the latest medical studies. It's tea-totally impressive!  The Republic of Tea has even introduced its Little Citizens' Tea so that kids can get plenty of antioxidants in healthy, caffeine-free and sugar-free organically-grown teas.

No child should be left behind when it comes to keeping healthy, and tea provides tremendous immune-boosting properties.  The Little Citizen's Tea is a great way to get your kids started on a healthy lifestyle, enjoying natural fruit- infused organic teas instead of watered-down sweetened juices or soda.  Serve hot or cold, the tea is sold in re-usable tins that sport the Little Citizen's mascot, Bamboo, and his friends. Thirty-six tea bags (round, bleach-free, staple-free, and string-free) in each reusable tin make the cost of each drink less than $.30 per serving.

The Cherry Apple Little Citizen's Herb Tea, for example, is a blend of tart cherries, sweet apples, and the rooibus herb, commonly referred to as 'red tea," from South Africa. This is a favorite of panda bear Bamboo!

Tangerine Little Citizens' Herb Tea infuses rooibus with sweet tangerine that pleases TangTang, the butterfly to no end! 

And Strawberry Vanilla Tea?  That's the favorite tea of Raza the Lion!

Bamboo sits atop a stack of books, reading, on each tin.  There's a reason for this. The Republic of Tea contributes $1.00 of each Little Citizen's Tea tins sold to a  foundation called Room To Read. The foundation supports educational programs in developing countries.

You can purchase Little Citizen's Herb Tea directly from The Republic of Tea.