Non- Drip Honey: Honey Drops™ For Coffee, Tea, and Thee

When you dip your spoon into a honey jar, it's going to come out dripping; that's just the nature of honey. But, after years of study and experimentation, inventor and entrepreneur John Rowe, has created the Honey Drop™, a teaspoon of pure unadulterated honey in a solid form. Non-drip honey that melts in hot liquid.

John Rowe is a honey lover from Prince Edward Island, Canada, who began working on a solid form for honey in the 1990's. His research led him to note that the only successful "candied honey" products contained corn syrup and/or sugar. Rowe's non-drip, no-additive honey invention is now made and marketed by Island Abbey Foods Ltd., Prince Edward Island, which makes the Honibe line of 100 percent natural honeys.

Honibe makes Honey Drops, as well as its first spin-off, Honey Drops with Lemon , made as you would like, with pure lemon. Neither product contains any artificial flavor or coloring.


Though eventually you might find Honey Drops on the table of your local breakfast hangout or coffee shop, you can purchase individually wrapped Honey Drops or Honey Drops with Lemon directly from the Honibe website  or from Amazon right now, so you can carry them with you in your pocket or purse. Cost is about $8 per box of 20 drops.

Coffee drinkers: If you haven't tried pure honey in a rich, dark blend of java, you must!

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Mar 14, 2008
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

Honey Drops are amazing

Love this invention.  I think this is a brilliant idea!