No Joke: Comfy Breasts Offer Relief For Well-Built Women

With the arrival of the Comfy Breasts™ full body pillow full-breasted women everywhere are breathing a huge sigh of relief. If there is one thing that these women are not able to do (just about the only thing other Comfy Breasts Pillow for WomenComfy Breasts Pillow for Womenthan father children) it is being able to lie face down comfortably. Comfy Breasts™ is here to change all of that pain and discomfort.

Large-breasted women can feel like total boobs trying to lie down comfortably for a massage or chiropractic treatment, or just trying to enjoy a bit of sun at the beach. In addition to a lot of pressure on sensitive body tissue, it can also be like trying to be comfortable with your head hanging off a cliff. It sounds kind of funny, but it is serious business.

I oughta know -- the Honeydew Twins can really make life difficult for me. Chiropractic treatments can really be a problem. God forbid that I ever need surgery on my backside. That's why this product really caught my eye.

Comfy Breasts Pillow for WomenComfy Breasts Pillow for WomenThe pillow, which reached its funding goal on Kickstarter this month, is also a great product for any woman (and even men) recovering from breast surgery, including breast cancer survivors. It could also be handy for breast-feeding mothers. This new product reminds me of the breast support cushions I have seen at a massage place I went to.

To make sure that you are happy with the pillow it comes in four different sizes for a comfortable fit. The sizes are based on the measurement across the breasts.

The pillow is made up of a foam pillow form inside of a utility cover. The exterior cover zips off for easy washing. An optional matching head pillow is also available. Comfy Breasts™ is a product of the USA.

Comfy Breasts Pillow for MenComfy Breasts Pillow for Men

Men, you don't need to feel left out. There is also a Comfy Breasts™ for Men with the pain relieving cut out just a bit further south. That way you can also lie comfortably face down without endangering the family jewels. As with the women's version, the pillow is great for men who have had sensitive surgery for such things as prostate problems or a vasectomy.

The Comfy Breasts™ Relaxation System is a product whose time has not only come, but is long overdue for women and men. You can watch a video for the breat support system here:

If you can't wait until this product is on the market, you may want to try this  support cushion. It doesn't look quite as comfy but for some relief, it does look like something that can help relieve stress on your back. 

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