No More Falling For Your iPad – Griffin's Got Your Back (And Front) Covered

 The Griffin Survivor Military CaseThe Griffin Survivor Military Case

Accidents will happen. We know this, yet no amount of preparation can brace us for the first time we actually drop our iPads. There are degrees of falling; falling in slow motion; falling too quickly for the eye to see; and maybe the last time you dropped your iPad it wasn't a big deal (if you have insurance). But for those of us who want to go all the way with protecting our techy investments, Griffin's got a cure for the common fall – it's called the Griffin Survivor Military-Duty Case.

This accessory takes the phrase “added protection” to a whole other universe of thinking – a purely military, no-holds-barred approach. The case was tested and certified to meet or exceed U.S. Department of Defense Standard 810F, which means you're getting the best on the market. It'll work in extreme conditions, such as rain, sand, dirt, vibration, shock, humidity, and a bunch of other factors that are completely out of your control. So, you might say, there's defense against nature, and defense against human nature.

Another view of the Griffin Survivor Military-Duty CaseAnother view of the Griffin Survivor Military-Duty Case


Here are the features as outlined on Griffin’s website:

  • Independently tested and certified to meet conditions outlined in US Department of Defense MIL-STD-810F and UK Department of Defense Def-Stan 00-35
  • Integral Display shield deflects wind and rain (Test: up to 200 mm/hr for 1 hour)
  • Rigid internal frame protects against shocks and drops (Test: drop on flat concrete surface from 6'/1.8 m)
  • Sealed ports block blown sand and dust (up to 18 m/sec for 1 hour)
  • Silicone cladding blocks vibration (18 hrs at 20 to 2000 Hz)

The included stand clips on, then folds open for landscape viewing and typing. And at $79 retail, the Griffin Survivor Military Case costs less than trying to repair your device (in most cases). Still not convinced? You can see some demonstration videos on Griffin's website.  You can also read the rave reviews and buy the case on Amazon here.

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