No Need for the Exterminator: HEXBUGS Won’t Bite!

There is no need to worry - these bugs won't bite.  In fact, these are probably the cutest and smartest bugs you have ever seen.  HEXBUG, is an intelligent little insect that comes equipped with two sensors, an object and voice sensor.  When the bug bumps or touches something or hears a voice or sound, it stops or reverses direction.    Besides being good looking, for a bug, the robotic insects were recipients of iParenting Media's Best Products of 2009.



The HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures are available in different shapes and colors - pink, blue, green, black and orange.  Each creepy crawler has six legs, hooked claws and antennas.  The original HEXBUG, HEXBUG Crab and HEXBUG Inchworm are small enough to fit in your pocket or hand.  Each runs on two batteries, which are included. These not-so-creepy crawlers are for children over eight and retail from $9.99 to $19.99 each.


Sources and Photos: HEXBUG and Amazon   

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