No New Apple TV Hardware Expected

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Few companies have as much hype and speculation as Apple seems to have. Every time a new announcement is coming, blogs and newspapers alike engage in the never-ending pastime of trying to guess what will be announced, and how it will revolutionize the world of technology. It isn't just idle pleasure either. A lot of people and businesses make money thanks to Apple hardware. The iPhone sells hundreds of thousands of apps made by inventors all over the world, so did the iPod prior to that and now the iPad. If something unexpected happens at an Apple announcement, the repercussions are wide and varied.

This time however, the upcoming Apple TV announcement which had been rumored to bring in brand new hardware will more than likely not be as expected. A new report from AllThingsD cites sources inside the company that say no new hardware will be coming, although we can expect major software changes. For one thing, we know the new iTunes Radio system will be coming to Apple TV. New partners such as HBO and Disney will be added as well, which makes the product more attractive to customers. Another new feature is said to allow you to stream your content on someone else' Apple TV using AirPlay, which would compete with Google's recently announced Chromecast.

It's fair to say that the Apple TV hasn't found its place quite yet. While there are many users, it hasn't been the success that the iPhone or iPad has. In fact, no device can claim to have won the living room battle. There are a lot of people trying, like the Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and even the Xbox from Microsoft. If innovators could pinpoint the eventual winner, there is no doubt that would be a tremendous opportunity. But this time around at least, it seems a software update is all that Apple is willing to commit.