No Screw, No Glue: An Office Suite In Cardboard

We know the old saying about glass houses: "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." What about a saying for people who work in cardboard offices? The designer Joost van Bleiswijk calls it "no screw, no glue." and that has been his trademark saying since he opened his own design studio four years ago.

Recently Joost van Bleiswijk created his first cardboard office suite, a là no screw, no glue, for the award-winning Amsterdam-based advertising firm, Nothing. And he accomplished his goal in grand fashion, as if he were building the Colosseum.

Take a look at this office!





The columns, walls, tables, desks... nearly everything you see in these photos is made of cardboard... 1500 different CNC elements were used... more than 1,640 feet of cut cardboard.


The BoardroomThe Boardroom


Office cubesOffice cubes


Lunch areaLunch area

Reception areaReception area


Even the ceilings are made of cardboard!



The folks at Nothing have it easy if they want to move. No glue, no screw means that they can literally fold their tents... and quietly steal away. (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow',"The Day Is Done, 1844)


via Design NL
Photography: Joachim Baan