No Volkswagen R32 for 2009

The R32 version of the Volkswagen Golf has gained many loyal fans over the years. A peppy V-6 putting power to all 4 wheels and a sporty suspension offer an amazing driving experience to anyone who steps inside. However, for 2009, VW was forced to end the R32 legacy. Don't panic though, they are already working on a replacement and it looks like it just may fit the bill.

The culprits behind the fall of the R32 are the ever increasing European emissions standards. There are other reasons for the decision to discontinue the high performing Golf, but this was the main reason for the final outcome.

To replace the beloved R32, Volkswagen has redesigned the Golf TDI to offer a more impressive performance edge. The overall engineering of the TDI will remain the same, but a few suspension and steering upgrades will be tossed in to give a more nimble feel. It will be powered by a new version of the 2.0 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder making 211 horsepower.

VW is also working on an "R" version of the GTI that will feature a more powerful version of the Turbo 2.0. It will be good for 265 horsepower going to all 4 corners of the little hatchback. This is (hopefully) going to be enough to keep the fans of the R32 at bay.

Both the GTI and the GTI-R will have a slightly redesigned exterior. A new front and rear bumper are in the mix as well as Audi inspired LED headlights and taillights. The look is completed with a set of 18 inch alloy wheels. A set of 19 inch alloys will be on the option list.

The GTI is set to hit showrooms in the spring of 2009, but VW has hinted at a sneak preview of the new Golf as early as October.

Via : Speed TV