Noa Raviv: Defective Digital Images Inspire 3-D Printed Collection

 Hard Copy is the name of the collection created by Israeli fashion designer, Noa Raviv. Her designs are unique, bold and startling to the eye, their 3-D printed elements expressing the modern evolution of classical Greek sculpture. She created this amazing collection in collaboration with Stratasys, one of the world's largest manufacturers of 3-D printers.


Hard Copy Collection- Rear View: Source: Design-Milk.comHard Copy Collection- Rear View: Source:


Her unique patterns and designs are the result of the deiberate manipuation of digital images with computer modeling software. Resulting pieces are deformed and cannot be reproduced or printed. They exist only in virtual space.

Transforming ancient concepts to the modern world of fashion

In the glory days of ancient Greece, sculpture reflected a vision of beauty that was considered both ideal and universal. Ancient artists mastered techniques that rendered each composition a work of art because it so accurately and intricately expressed the complex details of the human body down to the smallest muscles, the slightest curves and all the remarkable diversity of facial features. Subsequent cultures attempted to reproduce ancient parameters, resulting in the dull repetition of both style and expression.

Hard Copy Dress -Side View: Source: Design-Milk.comHard Copy Dress -Side View: Source:


Noa Raviv

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel , 26-year-old Raviv finds inspiration for her designs everywhere, particularly in her search for balance between harmony and chaos, tradition and innovation. Geometric forms and logic pervade her creations as she seeks beauty in mundane and ordinary planes of existence. Her Hard Copy Collection earned the Fini Leitersdorf excellence award, given to only one graduate per year, which is based on creativity and originality in design.


Hard Copy Collection- Top: Source: Design-Milk.comHard Copy Collection- Top: Source:


The Hard Copy Collection

Noa Raviv begins her Hard Copy collectioon departing from the rich cosmos of classical art where so many before her have remained mired in place. She has combined 3-D printed elements into ruffled garments influenced by distorted digital drawings. This one-of-a-kind collection was created during her tenure at Shenkar College of  Engineering and Design.

Most of the textiles developed were comprised of pleated fabric, tulle and silk organza, which were then incorporated into 3-D printers to produce the printed parts.

 In Raviv's own words: "The tension between the real and the viertual, between 2-D and 3-D inspired me to create this collection...I've translated those lines into textiles that create this sort of optical illusion. While working on a 3-D software I was fascinated by the grids shown on the 2-D screen and by the way black repetitive lines define voluminous objects."

The future of 3-D printing

3-D printing has permeated technology and fashion, spilling over into pop cultural elements as wel. There's no stopping, as they say, an idea whose time has come.

Closing thoughts on technology:

The human spirit must prevail over technology. ~ Albert Einstein

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