Noah High Performance Personal Vehicle

For some reason, we as a race are always trying to outdo ourselves. Many times it ends with an impromptu trip to the hospital. But it will never stop being fun, which is my guess for why the Noah High Performance Personal Vehicle was created.

At first glance, it looks very similar to the Uno we saw a few months back, and in many ways it is. Both the Noah and the Uno used an array of gyroscopes to feed data into a processor. From there, the vehicle would make small adjustments to help the rider stay upright. Also, both relied on the positioning of the rider for acceleration braking and turning.





The Noah is powered by an electric motor that is plugged into a normal outlet to charge. The 2 independent tires offer a few advantages to the design. The most noticeable is stability. Even during cornering, the wheels will slide up or down against each other to maintain a certain amount of surface contact. Another benefit is comfort. In a single wheeled design, any defect in the road will cause a noticeable jolt to the rider. By using 2 wheels, one can absorb much of the impact while the other remains on the road.

As of right now there is no word on potential production or estimated price.

From : Dvice