Get a Load of These Noggins


Noggins are works of art created by Joseph Seigenthaler. They are morbid yet fascinating at the same time. He created Noggins between 1985-2000. Materials used for these range from oil, resin, hair, acrylic, wax, and fabric all fired on Stoneware or Earthware.

"Bullets" 1994"Bullets" 1994

These works of art can be repulsive or grotesque to some, yet we can't seem to look away. Intricately detailed, it's as if some of these creatures are crying out for our help while others are mocking us with their silly expressions. But one thing is for sure, they all seem to have a story to tell.

"Celt" 1994"Celt" 1994

On the inspiration for these, the The Carl Hammer Gallery on Joseph Seigenthaler states, "The simultaneously repulsive/beguiling mixed media figures of Joseph Seigenthaler didn’t just crawl out of some dark, murky, mysterious slime. They arrived by car, the CTA, they walked in city streets, they ate lunch in a neighborhood diner, their legs mended in local hospitals, they were entertained in the local movie theater. They were the man or woman who live just down the block."

"Ivan Albright" 1997"Ivan Albright" 1997

Joseph Seigenthaler was born in Nashville, Tennessee and now lives in Chicago, Illinois. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1981 from the Memphis College of Art's painting department.

His work is included in permanant collections at museums as well as many private collections across the United States.


"Ancienne" 2000"Ancienne" 2000

"Dogboy" 1994"Dogboy" 1994

"Swimmer" 1996"Swimmer" 1996

"Butthead" 1994"Butthead" 1994

"Jackson" 1985"Jackson" 1985

"Busta" 1994"Busta" 1994

"Madame" 1994"Madame" 1994

"Madadam" 1986"Madadam" 1986

"Urban Stack" 1986"Urban Stack" 1986

"Hottub" 1986"Hottub" 1986


What are some of the stories you think these strange works have to tell? What about Swimmer or Butthead, do you think they have anything they want to share with you?


Many thanks to: Joseph Seigenthaler