The Noggle Lets Kids Enjoy The AC From The Back Seat


It’s a sweltering summer day. You load the kids into the car, get them all buckled and settle yourself into the front. As soon as you’ve fired up the car you crank the AC and wait for that satisfying burst of cool relief. The chilly breeze is soon to follow, but the respite isn’t as enjoyable as you had imagined. Why? Well, you can’t relax with all the whining and complaining coming from the back seat. You see, while it’s breezy and refreshing in the front seat, it’s still a blazing inferno in the back.



One Arizona dad had enough of this very scenario and decided to take matters into his own hands. He and a friend went to work on designing an easy to install and easy to use device to get the cool air to the backseat quicker. The Noggle, which looks like a cheery version of a vacuum hose, is easily attached (without tools) to your car air vents. It can then be held by children in the back or attached to headrests or grab handles.



The Noggle comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns to suit pretty much any taste. It also comes in three different lengths so you can get the one that works best for the size of your vehicle and the position of your children’s car seats. The Noggle would work well for keeping pets from overheating on car rides too. To see what users think of the Noggle or to buy click here.




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