Nokia's 801T Smartphone for China Touts Telescoping TV Antenna

When better Chinese smartphones are made, Finland will make them... wait, what? As odd as it may sound, Finland's Nokia has gone the extra mile to satisfy China's growing legion of mobile phone users, and by “extra mile” we mean making a smartphone that will work with China's unique telecommunication landscape.

First and foremost, the Nokia 801T is a TD-SCDMA device designed for China Mobile's 3G network. Did we mention China Mobile, the world's largest mobile phone operator, just happens to be the only TD-SCDMA network operator in the country? 

TD-SCDMA stands for Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access, a 3G standard developed in China by the China Academy of Telecommunications Technology (CATT) in collaboration with Datang and Siemens. The lesson to be learned here is if you want to play in China's ballpark, be prepared to bring bats that can hit their balls... and we mean that in a good way.

Television in China is closely monitored by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), a government body that doesn't shy away from demanding content changes when they are deemed to be in the public interest.

At the same time, SARFT and the government at large encourages TV-watching as it helps maintain an audience for state-owned CCTV via which the party line on news, politics and society is promulgated. So then, TV on mobile phones? The more the merrier!

Which leads us back to the Nokia 801T and its most salient feature: a fold-out, telescoping TV antenna. Broadcast signals are displayed on the 801T's 360 x 640 pixel, 4.0 inch LCD screen but it's the phone's old-school TV reception method that should interest domestic buyers the most.

That's because grabbing TV signals out of the air is free; receiving them from China Mobile (or any service provider), not so much... actually yes, SO much. (via M.I.C Gadget, Joy2Day, ScoopIT!, and Nokia Blog)

Jan 9, 2012
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